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Dominic Brunt

Dominic Brunt

Before Dawn, Dominic’s debut film which he directed and plays the lead role in, is a well made character driven movie with a hint of zombies.

The idea of focusing the majority of the film around a failing marriage cleverly worked and I was fortunate to ask Dominic some questions about the movie. Read our English or Dutch review!

We’ve been overwhelmed with several zombie films in the past few years. Taking into account that there is so much competition in this genre, why did you decide to tackle a movie with the undead in it?

Well, first of all as you point out there are an awful lot of zombie films out there and some would say too many. There would have been little or no point in making another one to add to the pile if we didn't feel we were saying something new. We are telling a story about simple human emotions and giving the audience a peek into the ordinary, private world of a struggling couple. They have problems but the viewer isn't being given all the facts at once and we are assuming a level of intelligence which we know horror fans have. We then go from the intimate and intriguing to the full on brutality of a zombie genre horror movie. As one reviewer put it: “This movie has heart but then it gets ripped out."

Is it wrong to say that Before Dawn has an atypical structure? Was this a conscious choice of yours to address a larger public or is this solely based on your vision on the zombie theme?

We felt that the horror and violence experienced by a real couple would hit harder if you could identify these people as real and hopefully even empathise and recognise traits within their relationship. Then when the zombies arrive they are not just a threat to bland, two-dimensional characters but you are seeing true horror happening to people who you may have come to care for and understand.

Before Dawn (2012)

It is always fascinating when a director decides to play the lead role in his own movie. What were your own reasons to make this decision?

Time, money and I really wanted to portray this character for all his faults. Being a real life husband and wife (Dominic's partner Joanne Mitchell plays Meg) gave it an interesting angle too. We did consider bringing in another director and even another actor to play Alex but I just had confidence in being able to fulfill both roles and not compromise what we were trying to achieve.

You must feel ecstatic knowing that multiple film festivals have already added Before Dawn to their selection, especially being your debut film! Does this awaken the desire to direct more movies, or is your acting career your main focus?

It has been a massive boost and we feel a sense of justification towards what we have been trying to do. We could have been ignored and that would have been that so we have a long list of people to thank for supporting us and appreciating our story. We would love to do more but I think I will just direct next time however, there is no point in doing all this again without a good story to tell. We are developing three projects at the moment and one in particular has us all hooked so watch out for the next assault!

The entire Frog Bros. team wish to thank Dominic Brunt for taking the time to answer our questions!

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