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Lucky McKee: The Woman

Lucky McKee: The Woman

 Interview met regisseur Lucky McKee over The woman.

ME: How do you get started on a project such as “The Woman”?

LM: Andrew van den Houten approached me about doing a sequel. I watched Offspring, saw that Polly(actrice Pollyanna Mcintosh) was fantastic and pitched Andrew and Ketchum my idea. They dug it. Ketchum(auteur Jack Ketchum) and I decided to write the novel and the script together and Andrew put the film together.

ME: Producer Andrew van den Houten faced the tough job tof producing this movie. What was his initial reaction to the controversial and violent plot? 

LM: Andrew did nothing but support me all the way through. He just wanted to see me make an interesting film.

ME: You wrote the story together with Jack Ketchum. How was the collaboration between you both? 

LM: The collaboration with Ketchum was flawless. We had so much fun working together. We hope to do it again in the near future.

ME: How does it feel being immersed in the dark universe of Jack Ketchum?

LM: Strangely, I feel right at home working in Ketchum's universe. Does that make me crazy? haha

ME: In what time-frame did you shoot the movie?

LM: We shot the movie in 24 days. Four six-day weeks.

ME: What was the most magical or impressive shot of the movie for you? The shot that made you say: ‘damn, that’s why I’m in this business’. 

LM: The opening dream sequence was very magical and very trippy to shoot. I could barely believe it was actually happening. If you've seen the film, you'll know why. 

ME: How did you react when on You Tube the negative reaction of a Sundance visitor appeared. You got upset, or were you pleased with the commotion and therefore extra publicity? 

LM: I was there when the guy freaked out. Of course it was upsetting. But in retrospect I thank him for all the free publicity. An independent film needs stuff like that to happen in order to get people talking. Thankfully, that gentleman got us some attention. Also, thankfully, it was all free.

ME: Do you understand the criticism on the film that it is to demeaning and cruel for the female sex? Are you upset when people describe you movie as Torture Porn?

LM: People are entitled to their opinions. I was not attempting to make an exploitation film, just a good film. Some people can't get past the sex and violence when it's wrapped in a horror package, but for some reason they have no problems when it's in another context. Watch any multitude of harsh films like THE PROPOSITION, the upcoming DRIVE, or most of Scorsese's films and tell me they aren't horrific. Horror films have an unwarranted stigma about them that I truly don't understand.

ME: In this movie you work with the 12-year old actor Zach Rand. With such a young person on set, how did this work with the torture and other heavy scenes?

LM: I work in a way that makes it so I can look at myself in the mirror every morning. I used tremendous care in handling the children. I use tremendous care with any actor I work with.

ME: We all know you have a special relationship with Angela Bettis, have you put Pollyanna McIntosh on your friend list after this amazing performance? 

LM: This will not be the last time I work with Polly. She's fantastic.

ME: Was Pollyanna McIntosh the right and logical choice from the start to take on the role? 

LM: Her interpretation of the character in the first film is what made me want to make The Woman. She was essential.

ME: Did you ever expect this movie to get a cinema release?

LM: I make everything with the hope that it finds it's way into cinemas.

ME: How did it feel to get to see ‘The Woman’ on the FrightFest Festival. Moreover, you got to see it in a full house screening.

LM: FrightFest was incredible. I have to admit there were several points in the film that I just felt like crying from happiness. It was a packed house, but everyone was so serious, really soaking the film in. It was beautiful.

ME: Will we ever get to see the movie in Belgian theatres? 

LM: I don't know about Belgium yet! But we have had great luck in other territories, so I hope so! I can't wait to show this film at BIFFF if that's still possible next year! I love that crowd!

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