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Deaf in the Picture

Deaf in the Picture
23 juni 2011 t/m
Als je eens in de vier jaar een filmfestival organiseert, dan verdien je wel wat aandacht. Zeker als het ook nog eens zo'n bijzonder programma biedt als het Deaf in the Picture festival dat zich van donderdag 23 juni t/m zondag 26 juni 2011 in Bioscoop Het Ketelhuis ophoudt.

Deaf in the Picture

Tijdens de 2011 versie zullen er om en nabij de 100 speelfilms, documentaires en korte films worden vertoond van doven en over doven. En daar zit vaak een groot verschil tussen, zo wordt ons op het hart gedrukt, want de films over doven worden merendeels door horende regisseurs gemaakt. En juist dat maakt het zo interessant... Te ontdekken in hoeverre de belevingswereld tussen de horende en niet horende filmmakers verschilt.

Het programma staat inmiddels online, maar enkele trooohtse aanwinsten zullen we alvast noemen. Te beginnen met Stervende Taal uit 1955 dat de verdwijning van het gebarensysteem van Marinus van Beek uit 1832 documenteert. Daarnaast mag de documentaire Onbeperkt haar wereldpremière beleven, waarbij we een dame volgen die lijdt aan het syndroom van Usher waarbij zowel gehoor als zicht langzaam wegvallen. En voor wie nu denkt dat het allemaal serieuze ernst is, moet Hands Solo eens een blik gunnen. Tot slot een persoonlijke favoriet in Hear and Now, ziet u de trailer hieronder.

Voor wie tijdens het festivalweekend niet in Amsterdam kan zijn, maakt het festival uitstapjes met een programma van 3 uur naar CineMec te Ede op zaterdag 25 juni en Forum Images in Groningen op zondag 26 juni. En zij die zich wel in Amsterdam bevinden, begeven zich dus naar Bioscoop Het Ketelhuis, Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam.
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Basilo op 06/07/2015

all these thingsWHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? REALLY SOME OF YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE THIS STUFF LISTED ABOVE. GOOD GOD IF THAT IS WHAT YOU BELIEVE GO SEE A DOCTOR AND LEAVE THIS FAMILY ALONE THEY HAVE BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH. Sorry got a liltte mad there for a second or twenty. This is a family that has been through a lot, and people wonder why they hide and keep Ella away from the press when stuff like this gets said about them. So here are my thoughts not that anyone cares but it's making me feel better so here it goesSexual preference, religion, adoption, surrogacy, pregnancy, age of parents, amount of children, are all things that no one gets to comment on or has an opinion that matters. You can express you opinion all you want but if you are not John or Kelly or one of their doctors your opinion does not matter ever. As long as they are all reasonable adults and no one is being abused what happens in ones home, bedroom, or doctors office does not concern the general public. If they are adopting something tells me that they would be honest about that. Look at Tom Cruse and his first two kids they are adopted and part of their church. Makes me think if they were to adopt they would tell the world, and not fake a pregnancy just to bring another baby into their family. Also the idea that Ben is here to replace Jet is just wrong and sick. How many interview does this family have to do for people to get it. Their loss and emotions are really. No one, and I mean no one can replace the ones we lost especially a child. Has it ever crossed any ones mind that Ben is here for Ella. That maybe she always wanted another brother or a sister. How many of us have begged our parents to give us more siblings, I know my daughter has been asking since she was two, and it's now 6 years later and I am still not giving in. But maybe they did, maybe they decided that having another child around the house would be great fun and healing for all of them, a way for all of them to unite again, fall in love again and not just with each other but with a new soul. Some times you just have to wait for the right time to bring a baby into this world, and this is theirs.In the end Ben will be here when he is good and ready. If he is a bio child of Kelly and John it doesn't matter, they are his parents and if they are happy what we think again doesn't matter. As for church telling them to do this, please do not get me started on that one, some of the most stupid ideas, wars, losses of life have been due to one church or the other, don't agree with me, look up the history of the world, and the creation of Catholic and Christian church, that should give you an idea or two. As for them hiding Ella any normal protective parent would, just read what some of you wrote about her parents and dead brother. And if John doesn't make it for the birth no big deal, truly, women give birth without a man there all the time. Military fathers for the most part miss births of their kids, others like mine choose not to be there, and that was more then fine with me. So how do we know that Kelly will give birth while John is away, and know for sure that he wants to be there, that Kelly wants him to be there? Well unless you have a direct line to mother nature or God (which ever one you like/believe more) we'll just have to wait and see.As for all this being fake their marriage included, I personally do not see it. There is to much emotion in their eyes when they look at each other and their children. But if I am wrong, the are official the best actors in the world, I would want to see Ella's pay check, and this is the longest film in worlds history. And we are all idiots for believing a word any of them have said.So before all of you get on my case or start writing more negative things about this family stop and think HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF PEOPLE WERE SAYING ALL THESE NASTY NEGATIVE THINGS ABOUT YOU, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR DEAD SON, YOUR UNBORN SON, AND WHAT IF YOUR DAUGHTER READ IT ALL.THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK OR IN THIS CASE WRITE NEXT TIME IT COULD BE YOU.

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